My retreats and workshops are experiential and include: empowering discussion, cutting edge teachings, group and individual exercises and engaging team builders. I also can incorporate components like original music, inspiring videos, visualizations and meditation for maximum creativity and results.

The following programs can be structured as “2-3 hour” workshops or full day retreats.


Strategic Visioning for the Here and Now

Some strategic planning programs take months to achieve results. But there is a different path to accomplishing extraordinary breakthroughs that can happen in one day!

“Strategic Visioning for the Here and Now” is a transformative retreat/workshop for teams who want to think out of the box in a structured, yet creative way, and find powerful solutions together. Your team will first experience a discovery session (before the retreat) where you identify what is working well, where you are getting stuck, and what you would like to see happen differently.

Then, at the retreat/workshop itself, you will be immersed in a group coaching model (GROW) to identify your top goals and priorities, overcome obstacles, and determine real action steps and strategies that lead to success.

But there is more!

This is also an inspirational day, so you will experience individual and small group activities to expand your mindset, strengthen your relationships, and grow personally. It is a retreat filled with creative brainstorming and connection opportunities that help you succeed in the here and now!

Building an Engaged, Happy and Successful Workplace

This “morale-boosting” program can occur on a single day or a series of days. Your team will be guided to connect more deeply; find their common mission; and, show authentic appreciation for one another through value based conversations. You will learn tools for building an engaged, positive and happy work culture, which leads to greater productivity, innovation, teamwork and success!

Incorporating Gallup Poll research and Positive Psychology techniques, you will learn that when people are engaged, make meaningful connections, and feel authentically appreciated, they perform at a much higher level. Happiness is the real catalyst for success.

You will also explore how to utilize your individual and collective strengths, which are keystones for helping individuals and organizations thrive. Overall, this program helps you enhance performance, increase happiness and improve engagement within your team, business or organization.

Positive Psychology shows that the brain functions 31% better in a positive state than in negative, neutral or stressed, which leads to greater productivity, creativity, performance and profitability.

Cindy Sarai
Former Director of the Rockingham Community College Foundation
Director of Development

“Elaine Penn was phenomenal! The city and county leaders who participated in our Leadership Development Program, which included individuals from the: Business, Education, Government, Entrepreneurial, and University and College sectors were inspired, educated and empowered. Elaine’s meaningful and relevant content and engaging style had a tremendous impact on all those who attended the year long event. It was amazing how much she taught us, motivated us; and coached us during this time.”

Premier Leadership

CoachingToday’s leaders must rise up and overcome the obstacles in this new world. There is no going back to the way things were. It’s no longer business as usual. The world has changed and so has leadership. Leaders at all levels must evolve and expand their strategies, actions AND paradigms to have the greatest impact possible.

In the “Premier Leadership” Program, you will follow a roadmap for leading in this new era. This immersive experience helps you review your leadership role, eliminate what no longer works, and enhance what does. You will also create a “moonshot vision” that transforms you, your business/organization and the world..

Mostly, this inspirational program is for those who want to leave a powerful leadership legacy. You will gain clarity around your personal mission and how to use it to inspire people’s hearts and minds. You will explore tools for: powerful communication, team building, and, creating a coaching culture. Ultimately, you will expand your mindset, so you can live your mission and make an impact in this new world at the greatest level.

“People get out of bed for a mission, not a job.”

*Elaine also offers a LEADERSHIP SERIES which is 5 full days of leadership development, covering topics like: Engagement; Your Leadership Legacy; Creating a Coaching Culture; Use Your Strengths and Soar, and Living Your Mission

Everyday Joy: Transformational Tools to Overcome Stress

This is a new world and we’ve reached a new normal. People’s stress level is higher than ever. We all long to feel joyful and stress-free on a regular basis. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to experience this level of personal peace no matter what’s happening?

Some people believe constant stress is a given in the world we live in. But this doesn’t have to be the reality. Overcoming stress and having an exceptional wellbeing is something we all deserve, and it is possible.

The “Everyday Joy” program teaches you how to raise your personal vibration and energy. It incorporates cutting edge modalities like sound therapy and EFT (tapping)  to help you overcome the negative impact of anxiety and stress.

In this highly experiential program, you will learn the science behind gratitude and positivity, and how these boost your happiness, creativity and productivity. You will also experience how visioning, breath work, meditation, simple movement and inspiring music can radically lower your stress and enhance your health! Finally, you will revel in a “sound bath” which will restore you to a place of peace and calm.

“Scientific studies have been finding that happiness can make our hearts healthier, our immune systems stronger, and our lives longer.” Greater Good Magazine – UK Berkeley

John L Chapman, Co-Founder North Carolina Sales Institute
Adjunct Professor, Sales Strategy Consultant
National Millennial Community Faculty Advisor
The Bryan School of Business and Economics, UNC Greensboro

“Elaine Penn delivered exceptional “Engagement Days” as a part of our Universities’ Leadership Development Program for city-wide business leaders. Not only was she extremely well received by the audience, but her passion and enthusiasm were amazing. Full of energy, interaction, cutting edge knowledge and real strategies and tools, Elaine helped these professionals evolve into the best leaders possible.”

Life Unlimited: The Journey to Your Greatest Potential

Some people never get where they want to be in life. They falsely believe that only certain people have the skill, power or luck to achieve their dreams and make an impact on the world.

In “Unlimited Life: The Journey to Your Greatest Potential,” you will discover how anyone can reach self mastery. But to do this, you must transcend your consciousness. You must expand the way you think and feel.

In this transformational program, you will embark on a journey where you believe that anything is possible, tap into the power of your dreams, and use your gifts to make the world a better place. As you immerse yourself in this inspiring day, you will incorporate tools like: life visioning, enlightening conversations, inspiring music and mind and heart opening exercises. All of which help you walk through the door to your greatest potential and a “life unlimited.”

This program will help you:

  • Set powerful intentions to create your destiny.
  • Gain clarity around your dreams and unique mission.
  • Feel a greater sense of joy, passion and peace.
  • Recognize the synchronicities in your life and their meaning. 
  • Move past blocks and break through limitations.
  • Use your gifts to serve humanity.


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