Event Production

Elaine is a seasoned multi-industry event producer who is able to capture the overall mission of the enterprise at hand. Her experience ranges from $MM large scale events to small, intimate, local business projects.

Elaine has over 25+ years of experience producing and implementing inspirational, creative, and memorable events. Whether the format is live, virtual or hybrid, these include: national conventions & conferences, consumer events, fundraising events, live entertainment, documentary production, business meetings, franchise meetings, regional conferences, breakout sessions, mastermind sessions, and forums.

From brainstorming to creating and completing the event, Elaine offers a multitude of services, which encompass: project management; creative and content development; messaging and branding; speech and script writing; experiential entertainment; keynote speakers, in house speakers, and break-out presenters; selecting or creating powerful music; and, working closely with the production company regarding audio visual needs, scenic design, graphic design, power points, video production, rehearsals; and, show flow.

Tammy E. Whitworth, Chairman and CEO
Window World Corporate

“Hi Elaine,
You are extremely talented and have helped Window World over the years tremendously! We would definitely not be where we are today without your help.”

Depending on your needs and the size of your event, Elaine can offer the following services:

I. Strategic Planning

The first phase begins with a discovery session to learn about your vision and purpose for the event, as well as your desired results and take aways. During the discovery session, Elaine asks probing questions and leads creative brainstorming exercises to hear your ideas and understand how you want them to be executed. This is where the visualizing and Imagineering begins!

II. Creative Conceptualization

During this second phase, the ideas start to take flight. Each idea is considered, maintaining the philosophy that the event must be planned so that it becomes a journey, of sorts, for attendees. Every component of the event must fit together to directly or indirectly match the theme, resulting in a greater impact on the attendees. This phase of the process receives a great deal of care, in order to create a transformative experience where the attendees feel a sense of connection to your larger group, your mission, and each other. Ultimately, your event is designed to drive personal motivation, success strategies, teamwork, greater knowledge and engagement for your group.

From a task stand point, this stage involves:: theme development, graphic design, initial branding, storyboarding around the entire event and how it connects to the theme, researching options regarding entertainment (either live bands, DJ’s, or original shows), and all other experiential entertainment (i.e.: actors, fire-works, drones, laser shows, games and musical productions), and décor.

*Since Elaine is also a singer-songwriter, she can write and produce original jingles for your app and website, an original opening song and even an original show for your group.

III. Creative planning

This phase incorporates the planning of the entire event, such as: types of speeches; breakout session topics; award ceremonies; socials; opening parties; closing ceremonies; final decisions on experiential entertainment and speakers; final decisions on Décor; and, working closely with the production (AV) company on planning and producing all technical elements of the show, to insure that each one compliments the vision and desired message.

IV. Content (& Creative) Development

This step involves a deeper dive into branding, marketing and message strategies.

It also entails conceptualizing all speeches, interviewing all speakers, and writing all speeches, scripts and presentations. Speech coaching and presentation coaching are a part of this step and will remain ongoing. Finally it entails cementing the elements from the planning stage (above), including the development of learning sessions (breakouts) and locating presenters.

V. Experiential Entertainment

This phase includes booking preferred bands, DJ’s, comedians, actors and all other experiential entertainment. You also have the option of an original show being written just for your group, if you so desire.

Elaine has stellar relationships with major booking agents and talent throughout the United States. She can also manage contract negotiation and rider implementation.

VI. Other services that Elaine can provides include:

  • Visiting potential sites to hold the event;
  • Creating and managing milestones and project work list;
  • Working closely with the marketing department and production company on logo design, video production, backdrops, branding, printed material, signage, etc.;
  • Developing content, programs, ceremonies and activities/experiences that are a part of the event;
  • Developing the Creative Summary with the Production Company, as well as the final proposal;
  • Meeting regularly with the Production Company about scenic design, staging, sound, lights, backdrops, décor, etc.;
  • Developing Sponsorship Packages;
  • Helping to find existing assets or create new ones (photos and videos), and then, aligning the assets with the PowerPoint presentations for the speakers;
  • Interviewing Speakers (from the Executive Team and other areas) about their speeches prior to my writing their speeches and presentations;
  • Conceptualizing, writing and editing speeches;
  • Selecting and confirming presenters for learning sessions and breakouts;
  • Conceptualizing and creating a plan for the overall, participant/attendee experience: pre-convention and during;
  • Researching and confirming big keynote speakers;
  • Choosing relevant and engaging breakout subjects, working with the break-out facilitators on building their content, and coaching the facilitators;
  • Researching and booking experiential entertainment;
  • Helping to organize the Vendor Shows;
  • Planning and producing live Auctions;
  • Creating the final agenda and flow of the event;
  • Managing the riders of bands, entertainers, speakers, presenters and all contracted groups;
  • Developing programs for all awards ceremonies, including: writing scripts, finding photos, producing videos, as well as staging and blocking;
  • Producing vendor/sponsor videos;
  • Hiring a photographer and videographer for the event;
  • Creating a red carpet experience and other photography opportunities;
  • Finalizing speeches and PowerPoint presentations;
  • Customizing underscoring, musical selections, and brand integration for all speakers, awards, presentations, and entertainment;
  • Determining the placement of assets for the speaker’s presentations;
  • Determining the placement of the sponsor videos;
  • Choosing individuals to make special presentations, such as the welcome and tribute speeches, etc.;
  • Communicating brand integration to presenters, bands, singers and actors;
  • Consulting and managing PowerPoint presentations for breakout presenters;
  • Discussing final scenic, stage and projection development with the production company.
  • Working with any actors to align them with their character development;
  • Reviewing completed PowerPoint presentations for all speakers and breakout (learning session) facilitators;
  • Creating a video list; and, working with the Production company to place them into the show flow;
  • Editing vendor/award videos;
  • Producing and blocking all award ceremonies, which will include a variety of presenters, such as: the executive team, board members, staff members and previous award winners;
  • Creating and reviewing the final show flow;
  • Determining the walk-in music for all presenters;
  • Communicating sound check times and logistics to bands and presenters;
  • Communicating and conducting corporate rehearsal times with BOD, Executive Team, and all presenters prior to the event, as well an on-site at the event;
  • Finalizing the implementation of the riders for the keynote speaker’s, breakout presenter’s, band’s and any other experiential entertainment;
  • Collaborating send meeting with the Production Company constantly off and on-site. This level of communication is vital for the success of the event.


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