Elaine Penn, M.Ed, Full Biography


Elaine Penn is an executive and life coach, motivational speaker, retreat/workshop leader, singer-songwriter and event planner who inspires audiences worldwide. Working as a trusted adviser for business executives, entrepreneurs, organizational leaders, and individuals, Elaine helps people unlock their potential to be their best selves. She has been a featured speaker on thousands of university and college campuses throughout the United States.

Elaine’s focus is on professional success AND personal growth. She offers world-class coaching programs, keynotes addresses, courses, retreats, and national and regional conferences to trans-form your life and work. Her programs include topics, such as: Living Your Mission; Strategic Visioning; Building an Engaged, Happy and Successful Workplace and Organization; Wellness for the Mind, Body and Spirit; Leaving Your Leadership Legacy; The Power of Positivity; Team Building; Overcoming Stress; and Living an Unlimited Life.

Elaine is also a singer-songwriter and has co-created 3 CD’s of original music that inspire you to achieve your dreams and overcome perceived limitations. Growing up in her family band, she has been performing professionally most of her life. Today, Elaine performs her original music (pop/folk,) as well as sings jazz with several bands. She weaves her music through her keynote talks, workshops, retreats, courses and programs. (See Music Page for musical bio.)

Elaine is an avid believer in caring for the mind, body, spirit. She teaches visioning, meditation, affirmations, healthy eating and sound therapy for enhancing your wellbeing AND success. She has been on a personal development quest for 30 years, studying positive psychology, spirituality and human potential. As such, she offers workshops and courses on wellness for your mental, physical and spiritual health.

Elaine’s clients have included Major Corporations, Businesses, Government Agencies, Non-profit Organizations, Universities and Colleges, National Collegiate Athletic Association “NCAA” and “NAQWA”, University Athletic Conferences, National University Student Affairs Conferences and National and State-wide Parks and Recreation Conferences. She has worked with: CEO’s, Company Presidents, Vice Presidents, Directors, Managers, University Chancellors, Vice Chancellors, City Managers, Government Leaders, (including the head of the GSA and Chief Probation Officer for the Federal Government), Entrepreneurs, Consultants and Coaches, University Athletic Directors, University Student Affairs Directors, Parks and Recreation Directors, Spiritual Leaders, University and College Students, and Individuals interested in personal, professional and spiritual transformation. (See Music Page for music clients and patrons.)

For the last several years, Elaine has been a high-level consultant for the largest exterior remodel-ing company in the United States. In this position, she has served in numerous roles including:

  • Being an Executive Coach for the owner and CEO, President and Vice President;
  • Leading Strategic Visioning sessions with the Board of Directors and Executive Team;
  • Serving as the Executive Producer for 2 National Conventions with multi-million dollar budgets, that included responsibilities such as: conceptualizing the overall conference, developing the creative concepts, writing main stage speeches for executives, producing video segments and other assets, determining the learning sessions, securing national speakers and entertainment, writing original productions, directing rehearsals, and working closely with the Board of Directors and Executive Team, as well as a national production company;
  • Co-Producing a Virtual National Conference;
  • Developing and leading “Engagement, Leadership and Wellness” Programs for their staff;
  • Implementing and building a coaching culture throughout the company;
  • Developing and facilitating Owner’s Forums;
  • Planning and facilitating Advisory Council meetings;
  • Leading Board of Directors, Marketing Department and Staff Retreats;
  • Writing the Executive Team’s speeches for various events;
  • Helping to brand the company and tell their story;
  • Developing motivational videos for the entire system;
  • Facilitating mastermind sessions for the Franchise Owners;
  • Leading inspirational staff meetings;
  • Co-leading the effort to create a state approved model for an Apprenticeship Program for military veterans and students.

Over the past 2 years, Elaine has conceptualized, developed and facilitated “in person” and virtual programs for “Leadership Rockingham.” This is a group of major leaders throughout the county (corporate, governmental and non-profit) who come together over the course of a year to develop, refine and expand their leadership skills.

In addition to her “in person” work on these topics, she also currently provides virtual coaching sessions and keynote addresses for entrepreneurs, professionals AND college students; and leads virtual personal growth programs on expanding your consciousness, while making a positive difference in the world.

A former executive in higher-education, Elaine has held several university, leadership positions, including: Chief Fundraiser and Executive Producer of 5 award winning television documentary
projects, Division I Volleyball Coach, and Director of Campus Recreation. She has been a speak-er with Campuspeak, a national collegiate speaking firm since 2001.

As a college athlete, Elaine won numerous athletic honors, including All American in Basketball and All-Conference in Volleyball. She was inducted into the Greensboro College Sports Hall of Fame in 1996, when her basketball jersey was retired.

Elaine has learned many powerful lessons through her professional journey. For one, gratitude is the game changer in life, because what we focus on expands. We are surrounded by infinite possibilities, but we have to shift our consciousness to see them. When we do, we can achieve extraordinary abundance, happiness and health!

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