Elaine offers retreats in 4 key areas: 1.) Leadership and Strategic Visioning, 2.) Engagement, 3.) Evolutionary Wellness, and 4.) Abundant Living. She combines cutting edge teachings with powerful exercises and best practices. The programs are interactive and experiential, and include tools like: engaging team builders, visualizations, music, meditation, art and sound therapy to heighten creativity, expand your paradigm and achieve amazing results!

The Leading Edge (Leadership & Strategic Visioning Retreat)

This strategic and empowering retreat inspires your team to think out of the box and find “leading edge” solutions. Be immersed in a “group” coaching model (GROW) that helps you identify your goals and priorities; and, results in “spot-on” strategic visioning and a commitment to real action steps. As an added bonus, experience a day that connects your team on a deeper level, and helps each individual grow personally. Participate in exercises that expands your mindset, enhances relationships, and propels your organization to greater success. Achieve amazing results and be on the leading edge.

*Prior to the retreat, experience a “Discovery Intake” to determine your primary goals and needs, which are woven into the retreat.

The Quest (Engagement Retreat)

When people are highly “engaged” and love what they do, each day feels like a quest towards greatness. This interactive and energizing “Engagement Retreat” is a catalyst for making this happen. Experience how to: boost your team’s engagement level, increase positivity, best utilize your individual and collective strengths, authentically value and appreciate one another, and achieve extraordinary results. Learn how to reach your goals and resolve challenges together, while igniting camaraderie and passion at the same time. Clarify your team’s core mission and uncover how each person is a vital part of it. Live each day like it’s a quest to be your best.

Evolutionary Wellness Retreat

Life can be exhausting and overwhelming. This transformational retreat helps you increase your energy, lower stress, and experience more balance, health and happiness. Discover the science and benefit of positivity and gratitude, and how to incorporate these into your life. Be immersed in a “sound bath” with healing instruments like: the piano, Tibetan bowls, Native American Flute, bells, rainstick, and chimes to take you into a profound state of relaxation. Discover how positive intentions, visualizations, conscious movement and inspiring music can radically enhance your well being and happiness, as well as increase your creativity, focus AND success!

Abundant Living Retreat

We were all meant to live a life of abundance and manifest our dreams. This amazing retreat teaches you to expand your consciousness and tap into the timeless power of abundance. Learn to apply the Abundance Principles to envision your dreams and take inspired action to reach them. Explore how to increase your vibration to match what you want to experience in life, through: positive intentions, life visioning, music, meditation, inspiring conversations, sound healing, movement, drumming, art and connection to nature. Use your inner super powers and discover how to:

  • Tap into your intuition. Hear your inner guidance and find the courage to follow it.
  • Open the gates of your imagination.
  • Clarify your dreams and explore the steps to manifest them.
  • Move from intention to inspiration.
  • Understand the manifesting power of gratitude and positivity.
  • Experience the quantum field of possibility through: sound and color meditations to increase your energy and heal blocks.
  • Create a collective field of support.
  • Learn to use the tools for Abundance everyday.
  • Unleash your gifts on the world.
  • Step into your greatest self.

During her retreats, Elaine is often joined by acclaimed musician, Nancy Pitkin Elaine and Nancy, who are co-songwriters, weave their original music throughout the courses to inspire and uplift you. Nancy is also a gifted sound healer. Combining original piano compositions with healing instruments like the Tibetan bowl, Native American flute,Pan flute, bells, rainstick, and chimes, Nancy takes you through a sound meditation that balances and relaxes your body, mind, and spirit. Sound has been used for thousands of years as a healing technique and is supported by cutting-edge science. It is used by leading hospitals as an integrative healing modality.

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