Personal Coaching Day

“Personal Day” Coaching takes you on a deep, expansive and purpose-filled journey. Be immersed in an amazing day that is just for you!

I will help you explore the specific areas of your professional or personal life you wish to develop or enhance. (This many be a project or goal; your individual mission, vision and priorities; an inspiring action plan for your life, or personal wellness and stress management.) I will guide you through transformational concepts, coaching conversations, visualizations, creative exercises, and personal assessments (like Strengthfinders and Human Design.)

During your Personal Day Coaching, you will:

  • Clarify and explore your professional or personal goals and priorities.
  • Create and align your life with your mission, values and strengths.
  • Develop best practices and actions for achieving your goals or dreams.
  • Feel inspiration, clarity and conviction.
  • Achieve greater wellness and lower stress.

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