Leadership Retreat

Leadership Retreats should be more than information sharing. They should also build trust, inspire and connect your team. Elaine’s leadership retreats begin with a discovery intake to determine your goals and needs. At the retreat itself, you will be immersed in a “group” coaching conversation (GROW) that results in: spot-on strategic visioning, clear priorities, and a commitment to action steps that lead to success. You will also experience individual and small group exercises to expand your mindset, enhance relationships, and grow personally. That is magic!

Team Engagement Retreat

A workplace that is cohesive and happy reaps tremendous business results. Elaine’s interactive and energizing “Engagement Retreats” are a catalyst for making this happen. You will explore key organizational goals and solve challenges together. But there is more. You will learn how to give authentic praise and appreciation, and connect with each other through value-based conversations. These exercises greatly boost positivity, happiness and teamwork, which are keystones for a successful organization!

Presentation Skills Retreat

Regardless of your business or profession, you will be positioned to make a massive impact when you become an effective and outstanding speaker. Speaking can be one of the most powerful ways to inspire, influence, educate and entertain. It is an opportunity to attract clients and partners, build relationships, or sell an idea or a product. In this “Presentation Skills” retreat, you will learn to be a great story-teller, properly structure a presentation, use superb platform and stage skills, overcome fear, and be remembered.

Wellness Retreat

Work and life can be overwhelming. Elaine’s Wellness Retreats enhance your wellbeing and lower your stress. You will learn the science behind gratitude, positivity and sound, and how these boost your happiness, creativity and productivity. In this experiential day, you will learn how setting positive intentions, visioning, healthy eating, simple movement, and inspiring music can radically enhance your health AND success! You will also revel in  a “sound bath” (meditation) which will restore you to a place of peace and calm.

The field of Positive Psychology (Penn State and Harvard Business School Institute of Happiness) shows that the brain functions 31% better in a positive state than in negative, neutral or stressed, which leads to greater productivity, creativity, performance and profitability. This positive brain state also results in lowered stress and increased wellness.

Abundant Life” Retreat

We were all meant to live a life of abundance. We were born to experience joy AND manifest our dreams. In this amazing retreat, you will learn to expand your consciousness and tap into the timeless power of abundance. Through meditation, music, inspiring conversations, masterminding, creative exercises, movement and drumming, you will:

  • Tap into your intuition. Hear the messages guiding you on your life’s journey.
  • Open the gates of your imagination.
  • Move from intention to inspiration.
  • Understand the manifesting power of gratitude.
  • Experience the quantum field of possibility through: sound and color meditations.
  • Find your inner super powers and step into your greatest self.
  • Discover the next steps to to manifest your dreams.

At the retreats, Elaine is often joined by acclaimed sound healer and musician Nancy Pitkin. Combining original piano compositions with healing instruments like the Tibetan bowl, Native American flute, Pan flute, bells, rainstick, and chimes, Nancy takes you through a sound meditation that balances and relaxes your body, mind, and spirit. Sound has been used for thousands of years as a healing technique and is supported by cutting-edge science. It is used by leading hospitals, such as Duke, UNC Chapel Hill, Baptist, Johns Hopkins as an integrative healing modality, and by global corporate leaders, athletes and other professionals. Elaine and Nancy are co-songwriters, and will share their original songs that uplift and inspire.

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