Elaine offers in-person and on-line courses in Professional Development, Organizational Success, Personal Growth and Mind/Body/Spirit Wellness. She combines leading edge teachings with best practices and transformational exercises. The courses are holistic, and often include tools like: music, meditation, visualizations and sound healing to heighten creativity and expand your paradigm. As a follow up to the courses, group coaching, supporting resources, and mastermind sessions are available. Here are her current courses.

Build a Highly Engaged, Happy and Successful Organization

Research shows that positive, engaged and happy workplaces are huge catalysts for success! This transformational course teaches you a powerful system to enhance performance, innovation, teamwork, wellbeing and happiness throughout your organization. Learn to boost engagement and rally people around the mission and vision. Ensure they have what they need to succeed and grow. Discover how to build a positive team where people collaborate, are committed to the mission, feel valued and achieve big goals. Transform your organization (and business) into one that thrives in all ways!

Live Your Mission: Know Your Why

The most successful leaders will tell you that “they don’t have a career, they have a mission.” The same is true for organizations and businesses. The mission is what “gets people out of bed in the morning.” This course helps you identify the core mission of your organization, and live it everyday. Discover how to use your mission to inspire and build a tribe. Determine exactly what you want to achieve and experience, and develop strategic action plans to get there. Expand your paradigm, so you can dream big dreams, and do what needs to be done to achieve them.

Your Leadership Legacy

Leaders have the opportunity to leave a powerful legacy. This course teaches you a step-by-step model for building your legacy that includes: inspiring others through your vision; positively influencing people; building cohesive teams; and, by achieving major goals and initiatives. Explore how to believe in the impossible, and empower people to do the same. Learn to be a conscious leader by having a greater mission, and unleash the greatness in others. Discover how to set the bar of excellence, while also building trust, happiness and fulfillment throughout your organization (or company.) Make your mark on the world, and leave your leadership legacy!

The Coaching Culture: A Game Changer for Success

A coaching culture is the game-changer for creating a high performing, passionate and enthusiastic workplace. This paradigm shifting course teaches you a time-tested coaching model to help people identify and assess their goals, overcome roadblocks and limiting thoughts, improve their skills and competencies, and take inspired action. Learn to facilitate reliable and motivating coaching conversations, so you can guide people to gauge what is working and what is not, and empower them move forward and succeed.

Use Your Strengths and Soar

When you understand people on a deeper level, you are far better positioned to produce extraordinary results. This course teaches you to uncover and maximize your team’s individual strengths, and utilize these strengths for organizational success. Explore your individual and collective talents through the “Human Design” and “StrengthFinders” assessment tools, and use these talents to build a highly functioning team. Move past traditional structures, so people can do what they do best everyday, and love what they do.

Evolutionary Wellness

Life can be stressful and overwhelming. This healing course teaches you to lower your stress and amplify your energy and wellbeing. Discover the science and amazing benefit of gratitude and positivity. Experience the healing power of sound and music, and how they can take you into a profound state of relaxation, as well as improve your physical and emotional health. Learn simple meditations, visualizations and conscious movement, and make these a daily ritual in your life. Revitalize your mind, body and spirit and achieve evolutionary wellness.

Infinite Abundance

We all have the capacity to attract and create a life of abundance. This transformational course teaches you a 10 step model to manifest your desires. Learn to apply the Abundance Principles to get clear about your dreams and take inspired action to reach them. Explore ways to increase your vibration to match what you want to experience, through: positive intentions, life visioning, music, sound healing, meditation, movement, creative expression and your connection with the universe. Discover how to tap into your intuition to hear your inner guidance. Harness your inner super powers and enhance the flow of joy, passion, love, inspiration and abundance in your life!

The Transformative Power of Music

Music has the transformative power to inspire, uplift and heal. This expansive course uses music to open your heart, break down walls and create magic in your life. Explore your dreams and life vision as you listen to the original music (by Elaine Penn and Nancy Pitkin) and reflect on topics like: following your bliss, shining your light, being grateful for everything, listening to your inner voice, healing your past, and the understanding the power of love and forgiveness. Experience visualizations, journaling and other inspiring tools to transform old blocks and let your gifts and dreams emerge. Bring the music of your heart to the world!

During the “in-person” courses, Elaine is often joined by acclaimed musician, Nancy Pitkin. Elaine and Nancy, who are co-songwriters, weave their original music throughout the courses to inspire and uplift you. Nancy is also a gifted sound healer. Combining original piano compositions with healing instruments like the Tibetan bowl, Native American flute, Pan flute, bells, rainstick, and chimes, Nancy takes you through a sound meditation that balances and relaxes your body, mind, and spirit. Sound has been used for thousands of years as a healing technique and is supported by cutting-edge science. It is used by leading hospitals as an integrative healing modality.


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